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For the past two years, I have been part of the edge Urban Design gang – a very special team with a very special team culture. This is my personal testimony of what it’s like to be part of that team, and my unforgettable journey living life on the edge.


In this article written by me and Hannah Smart at edge UD , we shared the story of how our team dealt with the challenges and new opportunities we found ourselves tackling during the Coronavirus pandemic. Ever the optimists, this was our take on a brighter view of the unforeseen and difficult times.


An interview for a Czech newspaper Hospodářské noviny from 2016, about my research and design project on 'Rethinking the Communist-era Suburb; A Way to Ecosocial Housing', and representing Czechia at Intel ISEF (The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, world’s largest international pre-college science competition).


The pandemic inspired me to design and teach an online course 'Ten perspectives on architecture: City and the Pandemic'. Together with a group of Czech high-schoolers, we researched, designed and executed real-life interventions in their favourite public spaces to help their neighbourhoods come back to life! I wrote an article about the experience and shared it on the edge Urban Design website!


What makes a vibrant and thriving high street such as the the one in Thame, a beautiful Oxfordshire market town? According to an article I co-authored with Astrid Guthier at edge UD, it's things like connectivity, diversity of retail, vibrant public space, frontages, clever parking, plentiful events, or green infrastructure. Have a read & enjoy my illustrations!

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