Hi, I am Tereza. The Sketching Project is me sketching everyday life around me, all over the globe.

Oxford, city of bicycles

Sketch 44: Bicycles of Oxford

Date: September 2022

Location: Handle Bar, Oxford

Oxford is a city of stories.

Stories of great people and minds, manoeuvring its narrow, cobbled streets on bikes.

The bicycle of an old-fashioned gentleman from 1867, riding his ‘Penny Farthing’, or so-called 'the Ordinary', somehow managing to stay stable.

The bicycle of a kid whose parents purchased it for him for Christmas just to see her eyes widen with joy and excitement.

The bicycle of each and every of Handle Bar’s customers, parked in an overcrowded bike stand, ready to take them to lectures, sports centres, for lunch with friends or bring them home.

The café built its identity on bikes, and they are everywhere. The bikes give the place identity, which, complemented with great brunch and coffee, makes up for a full house every day.

‘...As I walk from Handle Bar, I smile at every passing cyclist, suddenly being acutely aware and grateful for her presence. I live in Oxford, a place of bikes.’

Sketch 45: Bikes & coffee

Date: September 2022

Location: Handle Bar, Oxford