• Tereza Kadlecova

Sketch 6: Secret Café in a Jungle of Industrial Warehouses

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Botley Road in Oxford is a street of high traffic, McDonald's, Aldi, and MANY warehouses. Yesterday, I was in search of rescue within this somewhat soulless area. Hidden deep inside a jungle of warehouses, car repairs, workshops and junkyards, I found the Tap Social Movement. A brewery and a café resting under a skeleton of one worn-down warehouse make up a place with a soul. If you weren't looking for them, you would not find them. With its living room-like couches, colourful carpets and dim light, it felt cosy. As I entered, a pair of regulars - dogs - gazed at me. Only after an approving nod from their side have I grasped the courage to join them in this homely space.

...After drinking my cappuccino, the waitress even offered me some of her homemade brownies she baked and brought for her friends. A public space where you feel welcome and at home is always A Place Worth Sketching.

Location: Oxford, UK

Daytime: 1 pm

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