• Tereza Kadlecova

Sketch 18: Market Within a Concrete Jungle

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

The Prague of the tourists is not the 'everyday Prague' of most of its inhabitants. At the end of the day, many disperse to Prague's edges that consist of blocks of flats; our communist-era heritage. There are many benefits, challenges and problems to such parts of the city. Some love them, some hate them. But people living in them call them home. And so, in the middle of an uninviting, vast, empty area, in between individual housing units, I encountered this pop-up market. It was not designed, it was random, chaotic, playful. People shopped, walked around, sat nearby, frowned, smiled. They had a reason to stay.

Location: Prague, Czechia

Date: 18th September, 1 pm

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