• Tereza Kadlecova

Sketch 15: A Respectable Dog

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

As I walked through the village, there was very little to see. The problem of far too many suburban villages is that most of their houses are enclosed by high, impenetrable fences, and their inhabitants rarely leave their spacious mansions to engage in community life. The terraces never face the street, it is therefore almost impossible to see people in the neighbourhood. Who seemed to be unaffected by the desperate need of privacy was this respectable dog. He did not bark, he silently sat on his pink pillow, observing everyone passing by. As if his role was to sit and watch out for any misbehaviour in his street. I greeted him with all seriousness, happy to finally encounter one of my neighbours...

Location: Lelekovice, Czechia

Daytime: 6 pm

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