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Hi, I am Tereza. The Sketching Project is me sketching everyday life around me, all over the globe.

Sketch 13 & 14: Chatty Children

No matter how little time I have in the day, I always take the time to look around me in search of something to sketch. I am no longer passively waiting for something interesting to happen. For the past 14 days, I have begun to see the interesting in whatever mundane situation or space I come across. That's why I am convinced that the time spent with The Sketching Project is well worth it. It makes me notice and record things I would have never noticed before!

In this post, I would like to celebrate the role of all the chatty children in our streets. On day 13, I encountered two girlfriends engaged in a deep conversation, sitting on a wobbly fence as if it were a comfy piece of furniture...

Location: village Hukvaldy, Czechia

Daytime: 5 pm, 13th September

... And on day 14, I saw a kid running away from his mum to talk to a random backpacker on the street. This little incident made the backpacker, the mum, and most of all the kid immensely happy...

Location: Brno, Czechia

Daytime: 3 pm, 14th September

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