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Hi, I am Tereza. The Sketching Project is me sketching everyday life around me, all over the globe.

Sketch 12: Adults and Sundaes

I never miss the opportunity to visit one particular square in Brno, called Jakubske namesti. This outdoor space brings together a Czech pub, Vietnamese bistro, Thai restaurant, vegan eatery, nearby theatre, church...and a PATTISERIE!

I have always enjoyed the square's hustle: people sitting on the pavement, reading, drinking beer, chatting. But what I love the most about this space is this particular cake shop. It's been here before all the other enterprises, sitting right in the middle of the busy square. The cake shop has a large outdoor terrace and is many people's favourite. I am not talking about children coming with their parents, I am talking about people of all generations, coming to enjoy a large sundae or a creamy cake. On a busy workday or a Sunday afternoon, adults come to rediscover their inner child, indulging in their favourite sugary treat, with a spoon in their hands and a wide smile on their face.

Location: Jakubske namesti, Brno, Czechia

Daytime: 12 pm

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