About The Sketching Project 

'To draw is to see.'

The Sketching Project is about noticing, experiencing and exploring the world around us through drawing. We travel to see the world, with most of the adventures lying at our doorsteps. Today, many people are talking about their struggles to 'live mindfully' - to be able to look around us, noticing the beauty of our everyday lives. In The Sketching Project, I will look at the world through the powerful eyes of a sketch, and share them with you. Sketching helps me place myself into the world, appreciating its beauty and noticing its little details and joys. Through sketching, I become curious and ask questions. In this blog, I hope to inspire you to try the same, or to perhaps draw inspiration from my way of looking at the world. This way, I will also share my views on architecture and cities, an area which I studied and find fascinating, not as a professional, but as a citizen, traveller and city dweller.

Tereza Kadlecová, The Sketching Project